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4 West 31st Street between 5th Ave and Broadway

Hotel Wolcott 1904 Brochure

1904 Hotel Wolcott Brochure

The Hotel Brochure From 1904, When The Hotel First Opened

The Wolcott is in no one particular an hotel of extremes.

New-it isn't quite the biggest. Centrally located, but not quite in the center. High prices-enough -far from the highest prices. Well Served, but not over served. Well finned with guest, who come again an again -not overcrowded.


The Wolcott is on the South side of West 31st Street, just a step from Fifth Avenue, -near enough to Broadway, but not too near Midway between the Twenty-third Street shopping district and the Fortieth Street. Within ten minutes easy walk to all the best theatres and the opera house (three or four minutes in a taxis).

Directly between the Subway in Fourth Avenue and the Elevated Railway in Sixth. Seven minutes from the  Grand Central Station, scarcely more to the 23rd Street Ferries, the Tube of Lackawanna and Erie. Nearer still to the new Pennsylvania Station. West 31st Street is a quiet street No crosstown traffic passed through it. Instantly accessible to the day time and night time activity, the Wolcott is far from the roar and turmoil of the city.

The House

New enough to be fresh and modern, the Wolcott is not offensively new. Its public room are high and bright and spacious. there is a special entrance for ladies, -but it is rarity used, -the main entrance is so free of crowd, so comfortable, so easy.

There is a both -room with every suite-with almost every room. Bath rooms, with like the bedroom, open to the free air and sunlight. There are two courts, each bigger than two city lots, board, brilliant, airy. The  rooms  are big enough, but not too big. Comfortable, not barny. Most of the windows run from the ceiling to the floor. Plenty of closet room. doors with mirrors that run the full length. Lights comfortably placed by the dressing case, and bed-side tables, as well as in the ceiling.

Historical Brochure Of The Hotel Wolcott

The Restaurant

The restaurant of the Wolcott is supplied daily with every possible delicacy. Oysters from Cape Code, full of the salt flavor of the sea. Little chickens that come unplucked from the Jersey farms. Everything at its very best to begin with -cooked most simply-beautifully served, piping straight from the ranges with no "by your leave" to the steam box. Coffer that is a delight in colour and savour as well as to the taste.

Rolls that are crisp and delicate country butter, milk and eggs from the very nearby country. Music that accompanies , but does not annoy. While there is no table d' hote, the chef at the Wolcott will be glad to arrange special dinner, for one or more covers, ranging in price from $1.50 per plate, upward. These dinners must be ordered in advance sot hat a satisfactory menu may be submitted. the Colonial Private Dinning Room is just the place for charming luncheons, dinner, or bridge parties.


Not over served. but, there is always a servant glad to do just what you want done, in just thee way you want it done, at your command on the instant. Never a servant to annoy you with superfluous attention.

A valet always at hand to brush your clothes and press them. A ladies' maid deft in the hooking up of delicate gowns. If you like your trunk will be unpacked when you come, and paced again when you go, with all the care that your own servants might give it, and with the skill of more than you own servant's experience. And clean- oh! but he Wolcott is clean. Never a carpet, or rug or piece of upholstery touched by a broom. Every particle of dust drawn by powerful suction cleaner every day.

You may rub a fresh pocket handkerchief on any piece of woodwork, even on the tops of the simply framed inviting pictures, that believe, but do not over-decorate the wall, and never a smut will show. The Wolcott is just big enough to afford the very best housekeeping superintendent in every department. Small enough so that no tiny detail escapes attention.


A room and bath at the Wolcott ranges from $3.00 upwards per day. A drawing-room, bedroom and bath from $8.00 up. Maids' room $2.00 Maids' board $1.50 -and excellent board it is. Special terms will be given to those who make long stays. The Wolcott is glad of permanent guest. In the restaurant the price are about the same as in any other good restaurant. As low as they can be provide the very best of everything, but there are no "extras". Your "check" is always a little less than you expect.

Old Brouchure OF NYC Hotel - Hotel Wolcott


The management treat every guest as a guest. Your comfort is the first consideration. You may telegraph from rooms at our expense. Mention of your train will bring a uniformed porter to meet you. He will take charge of your trunks and see that they reach the hotel promptly.

If you have not  reserved rooms, bring your luggage checks to the hotel with you. Our porter will then take them in hand, and your trunks will be brought to you more quickly than if they were turned over to a Transportation Company for delivery. There is never any possibility of dispute, because whatever you say is right. Many conveniences have been provided that will not be found in most hotels. The valet and maid have supplies of the little toilet articles, some one of which is apt to be forgotten.

A white carvat-or hairpin-a tooth-brush -or a welcome knot of fresh chiffon. A bath -robe or a night dress -spick and span in a sealed envelope. An umbrella for a rainy day. Fresh brushes and combs-indeed everything, that the difficulties of one guest suggest, has been provided, against the possibility of a like difficulty again. A telephone in very room that carries your instruction to the office and connect with every other telephone everywhere.

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